Dance Portraits in the Snow!
There's nothing quite like it. Incredibly unique with limited availability and opportunities in the part of the country!
Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about dance portraits in the snow
What To Bring
- Coat/blanket - to wear and keep warm when you're not posing or when someone else is going
- Hat (unless it makes your hair crazy. I know when it snows, I have a bad hair day!)
- Boots - preferably something EASY to slip easily in and out of (BIG BOOTS) OR will fit on top of you dance shoes
- Older dance shoes - please wear something that still looks nice-ish but you won't get upset if they get wet
- A change of clothes for the way home!
What to wear
Traditional dance attire would be great. I'm OK if you want to have leggings on or tights to keep you warm. Think of colors that will either make you pop or perhaps blend in. There is no real place to change other than your car. Perhaps bring a backup outfit or two just in case. I can bring a portable pop-up tent to change if you want - just ask!
I won't have my pose banner with me so start thinking of some ideas. You can get some suggestions here: or look at what Molly did last year: (scroll down a little). Simple is better.
I prefer to use a small park in Stewartsville next to the Greenwich Municipal building that's also behind the Stewartsville Presbyterian Church. The church does have a parking lot that is right next to the park.  We can also park behind the Greenwich Municipal building but it's a longer walk
I like starting photography just after the snow starts. Generally, this is the most peaceful time after a snowfall. And the wind generally takes a few hours to kick in after the storm passes

Final Thoughts
Your feet are the first thing to get cold. Boots that slip on and off or ON TOP OF your dance shoes are best. If we have several dancers, you take turns. When you are not posing, you warm up and get inspired by what the other dancers are doing
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