New Jersey - Lehigh Valley Dance Photography
We believe dance portraits are unique and should be approached differently than other volume portraits for schools or organizations. Dancers should be photographed leaping, turning, posing - in dance positions. And their portraits should be taken by an experienced dance photographer with the knowledge and skills to bring out their best looks.
Dancers should also be photographed by dance photographers, and Dave Dabour is one of the leading dance photographers in the area.  
We can set up a 20-foot wide white (or other color) backdrop and harlequin flooring at your space with four to six lights to get the ideal lighting.  
We also shoot tethered to a TV screen so you and the dancers can see the images immediately. This allows us to quickly make any adjustments needed, or you can see the shot is perfect as it is. We also bring a pose chart with us categorized by dance style just to make it easier to choose poses or leaps.
Our work for dance studios and academies benefits families looking for great photos to remember the dance season. We also support dance studios by providing artistic images they can use in social media, on their webpage, in email blasts and in the windows and walls of their studio space.
We partner with several dance schools in New Jersey and the eastern Pennsylvania area.
 As part of our partnership, we offer marketing shoots for the dance schools, as well as outdoor or special sessions for competition teams and companies. We photograph dancers in costumes for the Nutcracker as well. Indoor portraits can be taken at your dance studio or at our photography studio. Studio costume portraits are a wonderful way to commemorate performances and recitals.
 Outdoor sessions are a fun way to build community and celebrate your team or company. Families appreciate the professional images; dancers share them on social media and studios use them for social media and marketing.
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