Black & White
Black and white photography possesses a timeless allure, captivating viewers with its ability to distill the essence of a moment into its purest form. Stripped of color, each image reveals a world of contrasts, where light and shadow dance in perfect harmony, imbuing scenes with depth, drama, and emotion. Without the distraction of color, the viewer's focus is drawn to the intricate interplay of shapes, textures, and tones, allowing for a deeper appreciation of the subject's inherent beauty and complexity. 
Silhouette photography captures the beauty of simplicity and the allure of mystery in its most striking form. By stripping away details and focusing solely on form, silhouette photography invites viewers to engage in a timeless dance of imagination and interpretation. Each silhouette tells a story, inviting us to ponder the unseen and embrace the beauty of the unknown. 
Light Painting
Light painting in dance photography adds a mesmerizing dimension to the art form, transforming movement into ethereal trails of luminous beauty.  With each stroke of light, dancers become living brushstrokes, painting vivid landscapes of emotion and expression against the canvas of the night. Light painting in dance photography not only captures the physicality of movement but also evokes a sense of wonder and enchantment, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where dance and light converge in perfect harmony.
The opportunity to create some unique art and dance portraits in the snow! Contact me to be notified at the next opportunity!
I love offering "special" sessions during the year. Sometimes I repeat them every year, sometimes I don't and move onto something new. Sunflower portraits are an example of a new offering this year!
Love to dance and love snow? Let's create some magic! To get on my list to be contacted the next time it snows please go here
Skirts and Scarves session is offered periodically. This can be done at my studio or on location for larger groups!
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